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RV Full Size

RV Full Mattress

Road warriors need to get their rest and an RV Full Mattress is a useful sleeping aid. People on vacation often underestimate the importance and health benefits of restful sleeping. Every morning they are reminded of this fact through pain and discomfort. A Full Size Memory Foam Mattress is the best option for people with this kind of problem.


An RV Full Size Memory Foam Mattress measures 48-inches wide and 75-inches long. This kind of mattress can accommodate two people giving each one 24 inches of space. The RV Full Size Mattress reduces stress, giving you a comfortable and cozy feeling that can help you get the sufficient rest you need.

Full Size Memory Foam Mattress offers the following:

  •     Open Cell Technology
  •     Dissipates heat and sleeps cool
  •     Removes aches and pains
  •     Relieves sore muscles and joints
  •     Reduces tossing and turning
  •     Encourages a deeper sleep
  •     Made in the USA, not imported memory foam

The RV Full Mattress (8 inch version) is composed of visco-elastic memory foam, Orthopedic Polyurethane foam, and a 4-way zippered fire proof cover which is all 100% made in the USA. A 5-inch Orthopedic Polyurethane foam supports the base part of the mattress, giving it durability and flexibility. The 3-inch thick visco-elastic memory foam completes the mattress, this layer is responsible for heat dissipating system which will give you comfort throughout the night.

The RV Full Mattress (10 inch version) has a 7 inch base layer which is made of high resilience Polyurethane foam. The base layer is suitable for vast movements giving the entire mattress support and toughness. The mattress is convenient and can last a long period of time. The mattress assists you in achieving solid support in the places you need it most. A 3-inch RV Full Size Mattress is made with Open Cell Memory foam which offers the consumer amazing comfort.

The RV Full Mattress (12 inch version) has a 3-inch visco-elastic memory foam, 9-inch Orthopedic Polyurethane foam support base, and a 4-way zippered fire proof cover. Throughout your sleep, you will enjoy better circulation, an all-over feeling of relief and relaxation, and a comfortable sleep with less tossing and turning.

The RV Full Mattress is an important addition to your mobile lifestyle because you spend a lot of time on it. It can have such a healthy impact on your life. It is important then that you choose to buy a mattress with the best quality. The RV Full Size Mattress has a state-of-the-art design to support your back, neck and your whole body, and guarantees you on having comfortable good-night sleep.