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King Size

King Size Memory Foam Mattress Description

A King Size Memory Foam Mattress offers spacious comfort and support allowing you to reduce stress and relieve morning aches and pains. The King Size Memory Foam Mattress is available in three thicknesses to accommodate your personal preference. All three mattresses have the open cell technology which allows your body heat to shape the foam to your particular dimensions. This helps to reduce tossing and turning and evenly distributes your body weight throughout the mattress; encouraging deeper more restful sleep.

A King Size Memory Foam Mattress helps to ward off the effects of gravity on your joints, ligaments and vertebrae while you sleep. These Full-Size Memory Foam Mattresses are presented here for roomy comfort. They are 76 inches by 80 inches and come complete with a 4 way zippered fire proof cover.


Each King Size mattress offers the following:

  •     Made In The USA
  •     Anti-Allergen Properties – Helps Avoid Nighttime Congestion
  •     Dust Mite Resistant Material -
  •     No-Motion Transfer Keeps You Comfortably Snug
  •     Space-Age Technology Developed For NASA Safety
  •     Durable And Reliable Materials
  •     Satisfaction Guaranteed


The King Size Memory Foam Mattress (8 inch version) is made of the finest quality Viscoelastic Memory Foam. Our high quality 3 inch top layer acts as a heat dissipating system for your comfort throughout the night.

The King Size Memory Foam Mattress (10 inch version) has a 7 inch base layer which is made of high resilience Polyurethane foam. The mattress assists you in achieving solid support in the places you need it most. The 3 inch top layer is made with high quality Open Cell Memory Foam for comfort and support.

The King Size Memory Foam Mattress (12 inch version) has a 9 inch base layer of orthopedic polyurethane foam. The mattress also has the heat dissipating three-inch top layer made from Open Cell Memory Foam to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

A King Size Mattress is nothing like any other type of mattress you've tried before. This space-age technology responsible for the development of memory foam has totally changed the way many people experience sleep. NASA's technological breakthroughs that allowed for improved safety conditions on their spacecraft have been adapted to serve consumers. Special orthopedic polyurethane foam offers unparalleled support and structure without being stiff and unyielding. High-quality open cell memory foam tops the mattress for comfort and convenience. The material that helps to alleviate bedsores for hospital patients is now available to you for a night of restful sleep. Give the King Size Memory Foam Mattress a try.