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Twin Size

Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress Description

Our Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress is made of visco-elastic foam which consists of vast amounts of very small bubbles known as cells. The cells in the foam respond to heat by getting softer, enabling your body to leave its impression slightly, this action takes the pressure off your joints, ligaments and spine.

 The Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress is as plush and comfortable as their larger counterparts. A Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress offer compact support and are perfect for small rooms. They are 38 inches by 75 inches and come complete with a 4 way zippered fire proof cover.

 Each Twin Size Mattress offers the following:

  •     Unparalleled Support For Maximum Comfort
  •     Allergen Free Material
  •     Dust Mite Resistant
  •     No Motion Transfer
  •     Space-Age Technology
  •     Money Back Guarantee
  •     Live Customer Support


The Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress (8 inch version) consists of the very best quality Viscoelastic Memory Foam. Our mattresses feature a high quality 3 inch top layer which provides a heat dissipating process to ensure cool comfortable rest when you are asleep. This particular layer accounts for maintaining warmth and draws moisture away from your body while it molds itself to your shape even as distributes your weight across the surface of the bed. The 5 inch Orthopedic Polyurethane foam base offers firmness and support.

The Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress (10 inch version) features a 7 inch lower layer that is made from high strength Polyurethane foam. The base helps you maintain stable support in the areas you really need it most of all. The 3 inch top layer is constructed from high quality Open Cell Memory Foam intended for support and comfort. In addition, this Polyurethane is flexible enough to offer comfort to any person who relaxes on it.

The Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress (12 inch version) has a 9 inch base layer of orthopedic polyurethane foam that is extremely durable. The mattress also has the heat dissipating three-inch top layer made from Open Cell Memory Foam to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.

 It is possible to dramatically improve your existing sleeping situation with a Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress. If you have looked for new mattress lately you may be aware that of the great reports that memory foam mattress are getting. People truly realize that good mattresses have a direct influence on a great night’s sleep. Therefore, before choosing to invest in a mattress, look at what a Twin size mattress can do for you. Twin Size Mattress