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Queen Size

Set of 2 Queen Size Kool Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Pillows w/ Zip-Off Cover

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Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows

Nothing beats the feeling of completeness when you wake up in the morning knowing you had a good night sleep. A set of Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows can definitely help to bring about beneficial rest. Particularly when you consider that the average head weighs between 7 and 10 pounds. Stress to the neck due to pressure on certain vertebrae is the main cause of temporary sleeping troubles. Queen Size Pillows made from quality memory foam can definitely help in that regard.


Our Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows offer the best choice when it comes to ultimate comfort and support. State-of-the-art Queen Size Pillows allows recovery of muscles during sleep, as well as removes pressure from the shoulders. Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows also helps to relax the head as it cradles it evenly. Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows are 26 inches long, 14.5 inches wide and 5 inches thick constructed from 100 percent visco-elastic memory foam.


Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows offer the following:


•   100 % MADE IN THE USA

•   3 years warranty

•   30 Days money back guarantee

•   Constructed from 100-percent visco elastic memory foam

•   Contoured design helps relieve pressure points and provides support

•   Incudes zippered cover.

•   Memory Foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial

•   Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial polyurethane

•   Temperature-sensitive foam molds to your head and neck for comfort

•   Two Queen Size pillows measuring 26 inches long x 14.5 inches wide x 5 inches thick


All of our products are made in the USA and like the Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows, hold their shape for years to come. Queen Size Pillows are made to last and maintain durability and comfort. They offer stability and support regardless of your sleeping position.


Queen Size Memory Foam Pillows are the right choice to achieve a good night’s rest. Regular Queen Size pillows apply undue pressure to the neck and the back of the head in the sleeping position. They tend to compress the shoulder into the regular mattress. The Queen Size Pillows made with Memory Foam offer firm but gentle support for your neck and shoulder.


Our Queen Size Pillows help sustain the skull and neck without applying too much pressure, as it conforms to the exact shape of the sleeper, thus spreading the weight evenly along the vertebrae. With our Queen Size Memory Foam Pillow; you will finally get a great night’s sleep.

You may end up saving yourself from neck pain too!