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Choosing The Right Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

You came to this article to read about memory foam mattress toppers but before I discuss that, let's take a look at some of the major problems people are having that deprives them of restful sleep. This is important because chances are, selecting the right solution often means properly identifying the problem. In the US over 70 million people suffer from troubled sleep.

We often hear about the problem of sleep apnea as a major issue in the press but consider the fact that insomnia affects more than 30 million people and more than 6 million of us have periodic limb movement disorders. Millions are plagued with other neurological conditions that jolt them awake repeatedly throughout the night. If you suffer from lower back pain, hip pain or chronically sore joints you may find it impossible to get a full night’s sleep on your traditional mattress. You might want to try bed toppers such as memory foam mattress toppers.

Are memory foam mattress toppers valid sleep solutions?

You may have heard that memory foam mattress toppers have helped millions of people achieve comfortable restful sleep but is it true and how does it work? Memory foam material is polyurethane foam that molds quickly to the shape of the body pressing against it. It returns to its natural shape once that pressure has been removed.

It is literally a space age invention brought to you by NASA's Ames Research Center as a way of improving aircraft safety. Memory foam is also used in cases where a patient must lie absolutely still in their bed on a firm mattress for a long period of time. The materials unique properties allow a person to lie still without causing loss of blood flow in certain regions; causing gangrene or pressure sores. In effect, this material is a lifesaver. Bed toppers have become popular in recent years for good reasons.

Memory foam mattress toppers as an economical solution

People with physical ailments can benefit greatly from memory foam mattresses and those with sleeping problems find it an amazing solution. The fact is that memory foam mattress toppers are relatively inexpensive. Memory foam mattresses are a great investment in long-term health, many families may find it hard to afford a high quality memory foam bed.

Memory foam mattress toppers offer a great compromise to the problem of affordability versus comfort. Now you can convert your current mattress into a more comfortable sleep station with a memory foam mattress top. If you suffer from arthritis or body aches, these mattress tops can help you overcome the effects of gravity on your ligaments and joints.

How bed toppers deliver comfort

There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep when you're suffering from sciatica flare-up. Your hips and joints just won't let you find a comfortable position throughout the night. Getting a comfortable sleep is just as difficult for those suffering chronic back pain or recovering from neck injuries. Memory foam mattress toppers are thick and dense thereby offering an extra layer for which to rest your body. The foam’s density compensates for the gravitational forces on your joints, ligaments and bones.

Memory foam mattress with 3 inches of foam can offer substantial support for those suffering from gout, bursitis or fibromyalgia symptoms. Memory foam material is less likely to collect dust mites and other materials associated with asthma and allergies. These are also major contributors to some sleep disorders.

Memory foam mattress toppers also help to make an older mattress far more comfortable. It adds support whether you're lying down or sitting on your bed. Many people even use the best memory foam toppers with futons by enclosing both the foam and futon in a zippered cover; holding everything together.

What to look for in the best memory foam mattress toppers

At this point, if you’ve decided that a memory foam bed toppers might be a solution to your problems, the next step is to identify the right one for your needs. You'll want to first determine the correct size topper based on the size of your mattress. Foam mattress toppers range in size from King down to the smallest twin.

Consider the thickness that you need before ordering your memory foam mattress topper. You’ll want to consider the needs of your partner as well if you do not sleep alone. This will give you adequate back support and if you combine your foam topper with memory foam pillows you have a satisfying combination for comfortable sleep.

Choose the right size memory foam toppers

There is an appropriate size to fit most mattress formats. Memory foam bed toppers are available in Twin Size, Twin XL, Full-Size, Queen-Size, King Size and Cal King. Three-inch thick toppers offer comfort and quality starting at under $100 for the Twin and Twin XL sizes. Regardless of the size you choose, you will find that sleeping on memory foam toppers will be far superior to your regular mattress alone. Another great benefit is its portability; you can take your topper with you for maximum comfort at other locations.

Getting good memory foam bed toppers is easier today than ever before. Prices have also come down as the products have become more popular and mainstream. One important point to mention regarding foam mattresses and toppers is the fact that they do not provide hospitable living environments for dust mites or bedbugs. They are far superior to latex foam mattresses and toppers or even traditional mattresses and pillows toppers. The best memory foam toppers are easier to clean and to maintain; they also tend to last longer and wear better than traditional materials.

Foam mattresses and bed toppers have proven to be a valuable asset for millions of people. A good night’s sleep can not only help you feel better during the day it makes you more productive and keeps you healthy. Whether you suffer from body aches and pains or a sleep-related issue memory foam mattress toppers have been instrumental in improving the quality of life for millions over the years.