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Amazing bed, fast shipping, good purchase. very happy. Thanks Roger

We purchased a 10" Queen RV mattress over 4 years ago. The original RV mattress was junk and I didn't want to spend the big $ to replace with an upgraded RV mattress. I contacted Roger direct an told him of what we wanted. He accommodated us by making a mattress that fit or RV. Glad we did. My wife continues to say she would rather sleep in the Camper than our bed at home. We will probably purchase one for home soon.

Excellent customer service

My wife and I bought our first LastingImpressions Mattress about four years ago and sold it to my parents when we moved to Brazil. When we returned we immediately purchased another. The second mattress had a defect and after two years started to break down. But, thanks to an excellent customer service representative we got our replacement mattress and are very pleased with it. The original mattress we purchased over four years ago is still in perfect shape and I look forward to years of great nights on this new bed. Thanks for everything! I'd recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality bed.

 Was skeptical because of low price, glad I bought it, very happy, sleep 10x better!

2 years later!!!! this is the best bed ever!!! we thought you had to pay high dollar prices for a bed like this!! we got a California King! plenty of room and so comfy that all I want to do is lay in bed all day ( if I can). lol and if not, I lay down and sleep or just relax anytime I can during the day!!! my husband is jealous of the bed ! I spend a LOT of my time on it when I am home off work!! my favorite time of the day is when I am home from work and I lay on this bed!!! My favorite thing to do is lay in bed!! when I wake in the morning I cannot wait until I am home from work to lay back in this bed again!! ask my husband !!! I was in a car accident and while recovering this bed truly made me feel comfortable and helped in the healing process . I felt safe and just right , helped me relax a lot . 

 I love this matress. Was just as decribed! High quality, amazing price and quick shipping.

Have had the 12" king for 3 months and I cannot say enough about this mattress. My back pain has stopped and I sleep more sound. Best mattress I have ever owned.


 So incredibly comfy! Lightning fast shipping! Best sleep ever!

I have had my mattress for almost a week now and it is perfect. I have owned two previous memory foam mattresses and one of them is now on my guest bed after eight years of use it’s still going strong. This new king size mattress is the 12 inch model as recommended for the more robust person. It feels much firmer than my previous memory foam mattress which is a good thing. While it may put you off at first, give it a few seconds and you will notice it forms to your body and supports you very well. I no longer have hip and shoulder pain from my mistake of an inner spring mattress (they didn’t have a memory foam when I needed to buy a mattress for a new bed). The shipping was fast and you can sleep on the mattress that night. Make sure you have help moving it though the 12” King Mattress is over 100 pounds.

 Great quality and very comfortable! Awesome find! Sorry for Late Review! Thanks!

My wife and I have had a queen mattress for about a year and we love it. When we go stay somewhere else we miss our bed. Best mattress that we have ever owned.

 Awesome, shoot me the tracking info when you can. Cant wait to sleep on a bed again!

Thanks man! Roger, Just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement mattress today and am incredibly thankful for the expediency. You and your company displayed excellent customer service and trustworthiness in honoring your warranty. My wife and I thank you, and we will continue to recommend your products to our friends. -Beau

 This purchase is about 10 years too late. Thanks again for the great product.

Mr. Roger, My wife and I have had our mattress for little over a week now and absolutely love it. She has not had sleep like this last week in years. And as the saying goes, "When momma's happy, everybody's happy!!!" I have to say it's a little more firm than I would like, but I have gotten quite used to it and really like it. This purchase is about 10 years too late. Thanks again for the great product.

 Thank you for keeping the price affordable, you'll sell more that way.

I am very happy with my mattress and the quick delivery. I am now advertising you with your link on my FB profile, and I will set it on "public". I hope this helps you with more sales. My back started feeling better after the first night on your mattress. Thank you for keeping the price affordable, you'll sell more that way.Potter Lady.

 Great mattress, truly MADE IN AMERICA.. I will buy more.. Fast shipping A++++

  Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying my mattress. I don't even use my pillow top pad that I had on my other memory foam. This was everything you said and more. The only thing I could say you could do is included business cards. I have had several of my friends ask about where I got my mattress and how great the price was and cards would be good to give them.   Thank you!!!! Love it! Now have to get a King.

 Incredible you guys Rock. I'm sleeping on a cloud.

  And feel like I owe you. I'm going to tell everyone I know how well I was treated. Thank you from the bottom of my spine. Wm O'Toole

 My review speaks for itself.

 We received this mattress order today. Thank you for pushing it ahead to be here quickly! My husband was waiting for it - to be installed into his 18 wheeler truck. In fact, Marty just told me to tell you it fit into 2013 Freightliner Cascadia lower bunk PERFECTLY (with only 1 " empty space left). Please thank your designer(s) for making a beautiful fit/size for trucks, AND you should ADVERTISE it for trucks!!!! You will get tons of business, if you put it in Trucker magazines. Thank you for everything and especially being a quality business that tries to work with your customers. (I've been in business for many years and know it can be difficult as they can often be a-holes) P.S. The other two of our mattress purchases (from you) are holding up well. Sincerely, Sandra & Martin Johnson

 My Review...

 The most comfortable mattress that I have ever slept on. I am an extremely happy customer. I have some pain issues with my left hip and usually favor sleeping on my right side. Since purchasing the 8 inch queen mattress, I can comfortably sleep on my left side again and I do not wake up in pain the morning. Thank you so very much..

 Better than I could have imagined! Great quality, price and shipping.

 Roger I bought a king size memory foam mattress from your site over six months ago and I have had better sleep than I have had in years. I have had three back surgeries and had bought a new pillow top mattress for twice the amount I paid for your mattress. I could only toss and turn all night and never stay in bed for over six to eight hours. Since I have had the mattress I bought from you guys for a third of the furniture store price I sleep comfortable all night. I could stay in bed for 12 hours if my job permitted. Best choice I ever made. I would reccomend your mattresses to anyone.  -Allen Flippo

 Over 1 year... Still love my mattress!

 I have had my 12" Queen mattress for a little over a year now and I can tell you without reservation that it was one of the best purchases I have ever made in my life. Having a bed I can actually sleep on without constant pain is a miracle for me. You guys ROCK!!! I can't say enough about how awesome this mattress it! For anyone that is looking for an affordably priced memory foam mattress you need look no further...you have found the right place...right customer service...quick shipping...and right price!

 OMG I am in heaven!!!

 Needless to say, I received the package with the "fluffies" as I call them. It is simply amazing the difference it makes. I am sleeping better than I have in a very long time. I take so much medication just to try to sleep. I can now cut back on my meds. I just don't have words to thank you. But thank you so very much. I will continue to purchase from you and try my best to send you as many customers as I humanly can !! Blissfully, -Dharlene

 If you are on the fence about this bed do not delay!

 Add me to the list of folks that was skeptical about the lasting impressions foam bed. The price was very low and seemed too good to be true, even though i did try to haggle the price even further, no dice... haha. Anyway, i purchased the 10" king bed, and wow do i love this bed. I have had it for about 6 months now. I was just on the site getting the info for a friend and am compelled to send this review. The quality of the bed is wonderful, always bounces back, i sleep wonderfully on this bed. It shipped quickly. If you are on the fence about this bed do not delay. Do not sleep on a cruddy uncomfortable bed for one night longer. Order the lasting impressions foam bed with confidence and enjoy it and soon you will be suggesting it to others... Thank Lasting Impressions. Happy customer here, Jason W, from Las Vegas, NV

 I compared my mattress with my sister's very expensive Tempur-pedic and can find no difference.

 I researched beds for months. I almost bought a Sleep Science bed from Costco when I found your website. I did a lot of research on your company and saw that you have a great company. I liked that your beds are made in the US and that I could get a thicker queen mattress for a better price from you guys. The folks on live chat were very helpful and answered all my questions. I got my mattress 2 weeks ago and it is great. Very firm (which I like) yet very supportive. I have a lot of arthritis in my joints from sports injuries - I have been sleeping through the night with no pain and that is a big deal. I was concerned I would "sleep hot" and I don't. I compared my mattress with my sister's very expensive Tempur-pedic and can find no difference. I know 2 weeks may not be enough time for some to write a review, but I am very pleased with my purchase and have recommended my friends to your company. Thanks again from Texas

 It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.

I purchased a 12" full mattress, and have had it for a few weeks now. I absolutely love this mattress. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I had read the reviews on the company website and was a bit skeptical whether I could trust their reviews. I can now say, that I believe the reviews are from actual satisfied customers. I will be doing business with Lasting Impressions in the future when I upgrade our other mattresses. Thank you very much!

 I had to leave a positive feedback... I got the mattress just recently.

 I had to leave a positive feedback for you which you well deserved. Just to let you know that I am very happy and satisfied with the mattress. My family is moving to a new home right now and once we're settled, I'll buy again. Thank you very much. God bless. Bob.

 I've overslept and been late to work 7 times!

 Okay, I think I need to seriously consider returning my mattress. After sleeping on it for 2 months, I've overslept and been late to work 7 times! Best sleep ever! LOVE it, Roger, thanks!  You guys are awesome.--Toni Liguori, KPRR Austin, Texas

 I could have purchased a car for what I paid for the competitor! From Our Facebook Page: Good morning Lasting Impressions! I had planned to give this review last week when you started this page, and I have just been a bit sidetracked. I ordered a mattress for my son 2 weeks ago (2 days from order to delivery...AWESOME!) as my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE ours LI king size mattress. We owned a tempurpedic and as much as I loved it, there is absolutely NO difference between yours and theirs, except of course, the cost. I could have purchased a car for what I paid for the competitor. Needless to say, I have never been happier with with our beds and I have sent several people to you for their purchases. They too...love your products! Thank you for being fair, honest, affordable, quality and service driven, as well as a truly AMERICAN company that cares about its customers. We love our Lasting Impressions. :)

 Great product, great price, great service! Shop here with confidence!! 5 stars!

 I just HAD to write another review for you. I have been your happiest customer since I purchased our 12" king 2 years ago and I just purchased the 10' twin for my son 2 days ago!!! It's here already (you shipped it the same day I ordered it) and my son is OVER THE MOON happy right now. He loves our bed and has been begging for his own. There is NO better bed anywhere and the price is unbeatable. It feels like Christmas all over again and this bed is not even for me. You are in a class all your own LI! Thank you again for providing comfort, sweet dreams and a cushion for my checkbook.

 Excellent product. Really nice quality mattress, fast shipper. Thanks.

 I would have never thought that you could purchase an incredible memory foam mattress for only $499... this company is for real!!! The bed is fantastic and it only took four business days to ship. I highly recommend purchasing your next foam bed from Lasting Impressions Foam.Thank you from a big fan in San Francisco - Frank Alizaga, Jr.

 Great Mattress, Great Price! Buy from these guys! 1st Class! Thanks Dr Troy.

 We want to thank you people for the bed it's working out very well. Please Thank Dr. Troy Naugle of Roseburge Oregon for had not been for him we would have never heard of you folks and again we thank you very much for the great nights sleep. Leo & Judy Behlke (bell-key) *****

 Ho hum, just another 5 star review on your mattress.

 What a wonderful purchase experience! Wifey and I had been sleeping on an Englander (no longer around) Tension Ease foam mattress for 38 years. It's been showing wear for about 5. We found only one mattress in a brick and mortar which felt as good as our old Englander. We chose to buy a nice used car instead, because the car was cheaper! 10 years ago, my son purchased a foam mattress from China on the net. The mattress was ok, but the memory foam was slow to respond and too warm in summer. He replaced that with an innerspring for some improvement. I have never liked an innerspring sleep. As we searched in many outlets, with the exception of the car-priced mattress, I began to discover the same problem of too soft memory foam. So I turned to the net and discovered Lasting Impressions in the heart of America. Elizabeth, who took my order, explained that the new solid block foam layers should give the firmness we wanted. The 10 inch king mattress arrived in three business days. We set the box up on the platform, carefully removed the cardboard and heavy plastic wrapping and within 6 hours, the mattress rose to its full size and firmness. We love it!

 Pleasant, professional and prompt transaction. Excellent merchandise & seller

 I want to let you know how pleased we are with our king size 10 inch memory foam mattress we ordered. It arrived in two days. We unwrapped it and it unfolded to provide a wonderful night's sleep. I also want to compliment Roger, the customer chat person that answered all my questions before I ordered the mattress. You have one outstanding company. Thumbs up. Steve Joye D. Gonzales, Texas, 78629

  We ordered a king several months ago and love it.

 We purchased a king mattress for our vacation home a couple of months ago. We wanted a memory foam mattress for our home away from home because we have a name brand memory foam mattress at our main residence but did not want to pay the name brand price. We literally cannot tell the difference between the two mattresses. So why pay the difference! There is no comparison between the memory foam mattress and a conventional mattress. My wife and I wake up with no back pain, morning after morning. We are going to purchase four more beds for the rest of bed rooms. We highly recommend this mattress. Joe & Kathy

  Cheapest price on internet !! 5 Stars * * * * * Great mattresses !!

 I recently ordered a queen sized mattress topper as a gift for my 77 old uncle who has trouble with soreness caused by sleeping on his, not to wonderful, mattress. Since receiving it and sleeping on it a few nights, he reports that his bed is a lot more comfortable than it used to be, and he's not as sore in the mornings. I'm so happy for him. I've now ordered a total of 5 mattresses and 2 mattress toppers for members of my family over the last couple of years. They all report the same results. "We love it. It's so comfortable."Thank you so much, Lasting Impressions for your wonderful products and also your fabulous customer service. God bless you and Happy New Year!!

  What a great mattress!

 Hi, We really enjoy sleeping on it. It has a very unique "feel" to it and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Thanks, Steve Carlson (67 years old)


 Hey roger, Its me Rosie, just wanted to let you all know how much we love our mattress . My husband and I don't wake up with back aches and we don't toss and turn all night. Thank God I found your company you guys make it possible for us to have a good quality mattress at an affordable prize. THANK YOU...

  Great company here! Fast shipping and Great Prices I love your mattresses

 I've had my mattress for a year and absolutly LOVE it. I'm buying my granddaughter one for her room Linda and Bob -Springtown, Texas

  My chiropractor told us about Lasting Impressions Foam Love, LOVE, LOVE the mattress!!!!!

 My husband and I have been saving up for a foam mattress that we were going to get from the other foam mattress people, but we had to save a long time, because they are so expensive. Then my chiropractor told us about Lasting Impressions Foam and we were so thankful. We saved thousands of dollars by purchasing the same kind of mattress from Lasting Impressions Foam. We love the bed! We have recommended it to family and friends to shop no where else for bedding. One stop shopping at Lasting Impressions Foam and we couldn't be more satisfied. Roger we can't thank you enough!!!Carol Ann & TomEden, NY

  The affordability makes your mattresses a great gift idea

 Happy holidays! I just ordered a queen for some friends for their Christmas gift! It's for their spare room but I was sick of sleeping on the 30 yr old twin they had in there. The affordability makes your mattresses a great gift idea and completely possible! Rock on, USA, USA, USA! Until we meet again..

  Made in the USA & No movement, Had over 1 year.

 Well, it's been a year since I ordered the 12" King. To say I love it is a gross understatement. One of the bonus features I had never thought about was the fact it doesn't move when your partner gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, or they get out of bed at 5:30. This is an unbelievable feature which all should consider. In closing, it's also made in the good ole' US of A. Put the people back to work and know you'll sleep well doing it!

  Hope you are very well :) I am an old customer of yours.

 Hi Roger, I have been telling everyone about how great your beds are! Great Comfortable Beds! Affordable Prices! Excellent Customer Service! Wow! All my friends now love you too! Sincerely, Livia Taravella

  I'm telling everyone I know...

 I have to admit good sir; I never dreamed anyone would reply so quickly. My faith in this institution has been solidified. Be prepared to send A LOT more mattresses this way...my brother is ordering one, my mother is FINALLY replacing her 23 year old mattress, one of my employees will be ordering one... I'm telling everyone I know about your firm. Thank you for replying so quickly!!!

  All future mattress purchases will definately be with Lasting Impressions Foam

 I have struggled for years with finding a mattress that allows me to sleep without waking up constantly with back pain. My husband and I have different mattress needs so finding one that suits us both has been next to impossible. Thank goodness for Lasting Impressions! We were skeptical about ordering but took a leap of faith and have been singing your praises ever since. All future mattress purchases will definately be with Lasting Impressions Foam and we are sure to refer everyone we know. Robbie and Amber McKinley