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Visco elastic foam

Visco elastic foam- what is it?

You may not recognize the term “visco elastic foam“. Actually, it is polyurethane foam or low-resilience polyurethane foam, or as you all surely know it, memory foam. As bedding material, memory foam is very popular nowadays. Let us discover what the memory foam is.

The visco elastic foam, or the memory foam is polyurethane, containing additional chemicals intended to increase its viscosity and density to provide better sleeping experience. Initially, it was invented by NASA and was intended to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Later on, memory foam was integrated into sports equipment such as football helmet liners. At the beginning, the companies were reluctant to use the visco elastic foam for wide production due to the low economic sustainability of mass production. However, its properties showed to be more than beneficial for people who were obliged to lie for longer period of time, so the companies producing medical products saw great opportunity. Ever since, visco elastic foam is used in wheelchair seat cushions, hospital beds, pillows and padding for persons suffering long-term pain or postural problems and finally, this magical foam can be found in mass production of mattresses and pillows.

What makes the visco elastic foam so special?

The main feature of the visco elastic foam is its ability to regain its initial structure. When pressure is applied, the foam follows the contours of the object causing the pressure. Once the pressure is lifted, it goes back to its original position, unlike traditional spring mattresses. The advantage of the visco elastic foam is that it adapts to the contours of your body. In this manner, there is no pressure on specific points of your body, the pressure is distributed equally, thus eliminating the pain caused by inflexible mattresses. This property of the visco elastic foam is due to the open-cell structure, which reacts to the heat of the body, molding into shape that suits and supports your body. This open-cell structure allows for air circulation, thus helping relieve problems related to asthma and lower odor retention, which is extremely important for a product that is intended to be used for many years.

How can I choose the best visco elastic foam mattress?

What you should take into consideration while choosing the best visco elastic foam mattress is your weigh and sleeping preferences. Therefore, heavier customers should choose denser mattresses, because denser mattresses offer better sleeping experience. The position in which you sleep is also important, from the point of view of the thickness of the mattress. Choose thicker visco elastic foam if you prefer to sleep on the side or on your back. If you prefer sleeping on the stomach, choose thinner mattress. One important caution: do not leave babies and small children unattended on memory foam beds, since they might have problems turning due to the structure of the foam.