Our Foundation and Frame(sold with Sleep System)

8 Years of Development and Testing, Now Perfect for our Customer
NEW-TECH® Foundation, is a PATENTED ZERO ASSEMBLY EXTREMELY DURABLE Mattress Foundation.  It is a Solid Foundation that provides Optimal Support, removing the worry of Proper Slat Placement.  NEW-TECH® is Manufactured, Boxed and Shipped right beside your Mattress. 
  • Cut the Bag and watch it rise – YEP just like your Mattress
  • Zero Assembly - Frustration and “Ouch” Free
  • 100% USA Designed and Manufactured
  • Rigorously Tested for Durability and Strength
  • Proven to Stand Up to Support Years of Sleep
  • No Gaps, Cracks, Squeaks or Wobbles
  • Hand Assembled by a QUALITY Team 
  • Non-skid fabric - keeps Mattress in place
  • Mattress Support Simplified, Engineered to Last
  • 10-year Warranty

Foundation Materials

  • 7 inches of Mattress Angel® Specially Formulated Foam
  • Properly placed Bottom Support Beams
  • Special Adhesive to keep Beams in Place
  • Durable Zippered Skid Free Cover




Premium “Ouchless” Bed Frame

The Knickerbocker enGauge™ bed frame(7.5" tall) is Lasting Impressions Foams, OPTIMAL CHOICE to pair with our NEW-TECH® Foundation. Together they provide our Mattress Angel® Mattress a Solid, Sturdy, Noise-Free, Stylish, Sophisticated, yet Traditional Look and Feel that will last beyond the years of your 1st Mattress.  It has been tested with our Mattress and Foundation to ensure it stands up to our Quality, Safety and Durable Expectations for our Customers.  Unlike our Mattress and Foundation, you can’t cut the bag and watch it rise BUT, we do PROMISE it is Super Simple to Assemble, Requires No Tools, squares up naturally and Ships with the Mattress and Foundation.

  • Made from Superior Rail Steel
  • Capable of Holding over 2500 lbs
  • Easy to Lock into Place
  • Provides Ultimate Strength and Support
  • Large Headboard Brackets Included
  • Stand alone Frame does not require Headboard
  • Zero Sharp Edges - True Ouch-Less Design
  • Fiber-Glass Molded Edges over Steel
  • Perfect on any floor(Carpet, Hardwood, Marble etc..)
  • Solid Cross Arms for Strength and Support
  • 3” Double Rail Center Support for Full and Up Sizes
  • 10-year Warranty

Set Up is just like our Mattress - Cut the Bag and watch it Rise