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Mattress Angel® Medium-Firm Memory Foam Mattress
Mattress Angel® Medium-Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Angel® Medium-Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Lasting Impresssions Foam
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Mattress Angel® Laminate process coupled with these 3 Components, work together to provide you optimal support, a cooler night sleep. Allowing you to sleep through the night and wake up feeling well rested and ready to face the day.  When you have a great night’s sleep, you have a great day. Plain and Simple.



  • 3 inches Isotonic® Open-Cell Visco-elastic Memory Foam
  • Ultimate comfort material
  • Active Air Technology™ that allows your body to rest naturally
  • Cooler Sleep Temperature
  • Responds to body weight and temperature
  • Self-adjusts to the body’s individual contours
  • Promotes natural body alignment
  • Reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the body
  • Provides healthful and restorative night’s sleep


  • Richfoam® High Density Support Foam
  • Open-Cell Better Air Flow
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Durable Polyether Foam
  • Natural Foam Technology™ process
  • Consistent quality that is better for the earth


  • Circular Knit - 4 Way Stretch
  • Designed Specifically for Memory Foam
  • Breathable = Cooler
  • Fire Resistant - Meets 16 CFR Part 1633 Requirements
  • 4 Way Zippered Cover

Comfort Level:  Medium-Firm


  • 100% USA Designed and Manufactured
  • Rigorously Tested for Durability and Strength
  • Proven to Stand Up to Years of Sleep
  • Hand Assembled by a QUALITY Team
  • 10 year Warranty
  • CertiPUR-US® Registered and Certified
  • Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Process
  • Resistant to Dust Mites and Bed Bugs
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic
  • Aids in Reducing Sore Muscles and Joints

Sleep is a part of life that is as important as diet and exercise. Those who sleep better feel better, look better and live healthier.

There are many designs available today, but the BEST SLEEP and DURABILITY is achieved, by sleeping on an American Made DUAL LAYER, Additive-Free, Hand Laminated Mattress Angel® Mattress.

 NOW: Cut the Bag and Watch it Rise 

Works with all Solid foundations, Adjustables, Slat foundations and Platforms with slats no more than 4 " apart.  We recommended using the NEW-TECH® Foundation System, as it has been tested together and meets our Quality, Safety and Durability expectations, as well as, the 16 CFR Part 1633 Requirements. 

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